Newspaper Template 2.0 – Redesigning The News – Free Newspaper Template

newspaper templateWho wants a new free newspaper template? I have recently been asked by Cindy, a school teacher if there is a free newspaper template she can use to type up her class’ articles to make their own newspaper for school.
I actually wanted to make this kind of newspaper layout a while ago and a few days earlier, that Cindy asked, I made it one of my top priorities.
And here you have it: this photoshop newspaper template is made of two components. Two Psd templates. One is the front page, first page or the cover (call it whatever you like), and the second is a template for the other pages.

newspaper template other page random article news readerFeel free to move the articles and items around. If not… just replace the text and the pictures and you’re ready to print it.
Don’t forget to copy the font I used for the title in your “C:WindowsFonts” folder first for it to work and load properly in Photoshop.
This template has the content defining lines for more readability and the titles are written in bold letters.

This is my second newspaper template of this type, the first was kind of a photo manipulation and not suitable for printing like this one is.

If you’re looking for a newspaper template for Word, then please visit this site: newspaper template.




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